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Storage of your tools, equipment and supplies at your jobsite with TSS Storage is simple. We work with you to determine your storage needs and then deliver our on-site storage units directly to your jobsite. Contractors appreciate our flexibility with scheduling delivery and our quick response times.  Our delivery drivers are professionals who are safety conscious, polite and customer service oriented. 

Customer service is our specialty, and unlike the national storage companies, we listen to cater to your needs. Working with TSS Storage means that we’re local – you’ll save money on delivery fees and have us nearby to respond quickly.  

Our commercial storage containers come in a variety of sizes:
  • 20' Ground Container - Set of Doors on One End
  • 20' Ground Container - Set of Doors on Both Ends
  • 40' Ground Container - Set of Doors on One End
  • 40' Ground Container - Set of Doors on Both Ends
  • 20' Office
  • 40' Office
  • Other Sizes and Configurations Available

In addition to our portable storage units which we rent for tools and construction materials, TSS Storage also rents container offices.  Our ground-level office containers provide convenient access to on-site office space. 


We can help you decide which office will work best for your project.  

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Adding square footage to your location for inventory storage is as easy as giving TSS Storage a call. Whether you have surplus inventory for the holidays, want room for lay-a-way services, or need a secure place to store lawn and garden items, our on-site storage containers are the quick way to make space. We deliver secure storage containers to your location and pick them up when you are done using them.

Because we are Central Illinois based, you'll save money on your storage container needs when renting from TSS Storage. Our core rental area is Central Illinois - our trucks and equipment are located there. You can have a container delivered and several months of rent for less than what companies from Chicago and St. Louis charge just for their initial delivery. 

Best of all, being nearby means we respond to your needs quickly. In most cases, we can make deliveries within twenty-four hours during the workweek.  


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TSS Storage has the right storage containers for your industrial needs. From power plants, to windmill farms, to manufacturing to whatever our 20 and 40 foot containers set the standard for on-site storage. We also have semi-trailers available
Storing your equipment, materials, supplies, etc. has never been easier. TSS Storage commercial storage containers give you flexibility of storing whatever you need at your workspace easily. For long-term needs, we can even customize and paint containers to show off your company's brand. Our industry standard, corrugated steel containers are secure and keep your equipment safe from the elements. 

Have questions about renting from TSS Storage or what size container you need? Call us at 309-827-0010 or check our FAQ Page. Our delivery prices set us apart. 

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Complying with your industry's standards for record storage doesn't have to be a hassle. Free up valuable space in your building by moving records to an on-site storage container.

Whether you have a lot of documents to store or just a few, TSS Storage has different storage container sizes to meet your needs. We also have shelving for standard documentt storages boxes we sell or rent. 

How it works: contact us and we will help you determine what size storage container you need for storing your business records. We wil then schedule a time to come deliver it to your site.

Storage containers, shipping containers, and temporary storage trailers solve your record storage space needs immediately. Working with us is easy - give us a call at 309-827-0010.

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